Stress and Anxiety

Are you finding yourself stressed, anxious and worrying?

With the increasing pressures in day to day living more people are becoming stressed and suffering from anxiety, Albury, Wodonga and the Rivierina as well as other rural areas are no exception. Many people turn to medication to manage these symptoms, which may provide temporary relief but it often doesn’t fix the longer term problems. Some medications also carry side effects, risk of addiction and many may find it has minimal effects for them compared to therapy.

Some of the signs of stress and anxiety are:

  • Excessive worrying and catastrophising
  • Irritability, insomnia and agitation
  • Behaviors such as hair pulling and skin picking
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Plus many more

Stress affects all areas of our health: It increases chronic pain, it can make us depressed, increases risk of addiction and even affects our health such as blood pressure.

Hypnosis is a natural way to reduce, manage and eliminate stress so it doesn’t control your life and so your overall health improves-plus there are no negative side effects. I will teach you ways to identify and manage stress in your daily life, I will also teach you the positive aspects of stress (yes they do exist) so you are able to mindfully create a relationship with those areas that will assist you in a more productive way.

Because stress co-exists with many other health conditions this is an area I am extremely passionate about and have had extensive experience in treating, alongside the other health conditions that are worsened by stress and anxiety.

Don’t let stress and anxiety control your life and make an appointment today!