Getting relief from the symptoms of physical and mental health is the first step to moving forward with your life.

I offer hypnosis in Albury, Wodonga, Corowa and the Riverina and can help you make the changes to be able to live a free, happy and healthier life. I have helped numerous people overcome many different problems to be able to live a more productive life and happier life. Many people find they get stuck on issues such as depression, chronic pain and stress which can in turn have negative impacts on their whole life, and health ongoing.

Due to isolation Albury, Wodonga, Corowa and Wagga clients are more vulnerable than those who can access resources in capital cities. 

With a specialist interest in trauma, chronic disease and chronic pain a number of services are offered to aim to improve your quality of life. Using current techniques and research based on neuroplastic development, providing rapid and transformational gains.

Hypnosis can help with the following:

  • Stress and anxiety and learn to be more relaxed
  • Learn to rise above depression and take back your life
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Reduce and manage chronic pain and syndromes
  • Improve academic performance for exams and study
  • Quite smoking
  • Dental issues such as tooth grinding or jaw clenching.
  • Pre and post surgical interventions

Hypnosis has been proven to be an effective and scientific validated approach to a number of problems you may face. Having worked in medical centers on staff I provide an approach that is based on the latest research and techniques in neuroscience and neuroplasticity. I also have training in counselling and psychotherapy should a situation need a specifically tailored approach.

What do you get?

When I work with clients the aim is to get symptom relief, fast. Because all our problems affect us differently I tailor all my approaches to suite individual needs as we work through what is troubling you. I also aim to work closely with other health professionals and supports in your life which gives peace of mind and improves the quality of care you get. We may then address other issues that can be creating roadblocks in your life and may be holding you back. Often we may continue to monitor progress and come up with a treatment plan. This usually consists of no more than 12 sessions (with complex conditions) when using hypnotherapy.

You also get additional tools to use outside of therapy which, using techniques and research from neuroscience pave the way to continued success and reduce any issue with relapse. Because Albury, Wodonga and Wangaratta has limited access to certain health services I hold an open door policy for all clients, new and old should they need to come back for what we call a ‘re-tune’, which is usually only 1 or 2 sessions. This further creates peace of mind, safety and security that you are getting and still have access to the best possible care.

I hold an Advanced Diploma and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, with training and mentoring from leaders in the field from across the world to be able to best help you, as well as continually developing new cutting edge skills. I also have a Master Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy giving even more expertise to assist you. I acknowledge we are individual and unique in who we are, therefore I tailor your sessions to fit you and get the results you want to achieve. This creates a highly personal and professional approach to help you best achieve the outcomes that suite you. Initial sessions run for and hour and half to get a proper case history and to give you the time you need without rushing. Follow up sessions are usually an hour but may be adjusted accordingly.

So what are you waiting for? Call today for a brief and free confidential chat.