Did you know hypnosis is an extremely effective tool to overcome depression?

1 in 4 Australians, especially those in regional areas such as Albury, Wodonga and the Riverina are at risk of developing depression. Depression can come in many shapes and forms and often affects people in very individual ways. This is why it is important to have someone who can tailor the treatment to fit you and help you live your life. Hypnosis can help by learning to identify and manage the symptoms of depression in different aspects of your life. Unlike medication there are no side effects or complications in using hypnotherapy to treat depression.

Some signs of depression can be:

  • Lack of sleep or excessive sleeping
  • Losing interest and joy in our interests (this is a big one!)
  • Withdrawing from family, friends and loved ones.
  • Constantly feeling down and having no energy

Signs of depression can vary and be individual so it is important to see your regular doctor if you believe you may be affected. This is where hypnosis can help to begin overcoming the cycles in which depression forms early on and overtime. Often un-managed stress can lead to depression, however grief and loss, chronic pain and other health conditions cannot be ignored and can be treated with hypnosis

Having had worked extensively with depression many of my clients find relief within a few sessions and begin to be able to start living and finding joy in their life again.

I will provide a personalized approach to managing and overcoming depression to suite you.

Please contact me today to take back your life and enjoy each moment.