Do you suffer from chronic pain? Hypnosis can often provide quick and effective symptom relief.

‘One in 5 people will experience chronic pain which affects their health, family and their day to day living’ (Bupa).

Are you living and suffering from daily chronic pain? Is it affecting your life and holding you back? Are you finding your medications are working less and less and have unwanted side effects which make things worse?

Hypnotherapy in Albury, Wodonga & Riverina may be able to reduce your suffering and improve your life. Many studies have shown the positive effects hypnosis can have in reducing the many forms of pain. Hypnosis can reduce the intensity and level of suffering that pain causes so you can become more comfortable, relaxed and to be able to do more of the things you enjoy.

Albury, Wodonga & the Riverina has an increased prescription pain medication crisis, causing addiction and less doctors prescribing opioids.

Most pain is treated with medication when you visit a health professional. Many of these medications are narcotics which may temporarily relieve pain but quickly the body builds tolerance, requiring more of the medication over time.

This can lead to complicated health issues including:

  • Addiction and overdose
  • Permanent damage to other health areas such as our organs
  • Many unwanted side effects
  • And even death

How can hypnosis help you with chronic pain?

Hypnosis can help in a variety of ways in managing and reducing chronic pain. Aside from the natural relaxing effects hypnosis provides (which also aid in pain reduction) specific strategies can be employed to teach you to reduce and manage your pain intensity. Hypnosis can also be useful if you are coming off prescription medication in reducing potential withdrawal symptoms these may cause (please see your doctor and call me for more information regarding this).

Conditions it is effective for include:

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Joint Pain
  • Migraine
  • Bruxism and TMJ dental conditions
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

All the strategies and techniques are based on the most updated information on mind body pain medicine and neuroscience. All sessions and techniques are derived from this research which I continue to upskill, modify and adapt. Due to understanding that no two people experience pain in the same way all sessions are made to suite you and your needs. This provides security, comfort and stability in knowing that you haveĀ  a tailored approach, as well as working alongside other health professionals where needed to increase and improve your support.

How long will it take to get relief?

This can vary but most people start to get symptom relief in 1-3 sessions, which we continue to build upon and improve as you move on. For more complex conditions upto 12 sessions may be needed but this is something that will be discussed with you to determine how to meet all your needs.

Call today for a free and confidential chat to see how you can become pain free.