Albury Wodonga has limited access to services treating autoimmune disorders.

Due to limited resources many of the rural areas, including Wagga and Wangaratta have limited access to treating autoimmune conditions such as:

  • Fibroymalgia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Regional Complex Pain Syndrome
  • Stiff Person Syndrome

May in the Albury Wodonga area suffering FMS and IBS have limited access to treatment, aside from lifestyle and dietary changes (which can be extremely useful). Often this can lead to a general decrease in symptoms but many of the autonomic issues with the nervous and endocrine system still persist.

This is where hypnosis and mindfulness based therapies has shown a strong evidence base in treating and managing the many complications of these conditions, which often medications are limited and have many side effects. Furthermore Albury and Wodonga has had a recent crackdown in the prescribing of pain medications.

The 2 programs are as follows:
For IBS the program is run for 6 sessions if your are under 50 every 2 weeks, with 8 sessions if your over 50. The aim of the program is using gut-directed hypnosis in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes to reduce and manage symptoms. This works by realigning the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and immune system that lead to issues within the gut causing IBS and it’s problems. The program run from Albury, Wodonga, Corowa and Wagga uses an evidence based system in which I have specialist training in and is modified to suite individual needs. Most clients get an 86% reduction in symptoms.

Fibromyalgia, CFS and other Autoimmune:

This program is run for 10-12 sessions due to more complexity with other autoimmune conditions. It focuses on a range of approaches targeting the individual needs of those with FMS, CFS and more. Due to each person being affected in different ways this program needs to be modified and adapted to do so. Currently in Albury Wodonga there are few professionals locally treating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome psychologically and physically.

Please note that to attend these programs you must first have a definitive diagnosis from a health professional of these conditions. This is essential as many other life threatening illnesses such as cancer, blood infections and more can also create symptoms of these conditions.

For more information and confidential discussion if this program would suite you please contact me on 0425 305 452 today.