Hypnotherapy services in Albury, Wodonga and the Riverina

Even though stress and anxiety, depression and chronic pain are mentioned exclusively on this site there are a number of services that are offered . These services are exclusively offered as they are often tied into other conditions that hypnotherapy can assist with.

Quitting smoking for example: One of the major links to smoking and the success to quitting is linked to stress reduction and management. Many people have tried to quit a number of times, some with success and others have struggled and fallen back. The idea that smoking is a stress reliever to a smoker may be true, and to be successful in quitting once and for all is teaching people how to handle this stress and any other issues related to smoking.

The same goes with chronic pain. Many people experiencing daily pain are often stressed, anxious and even depressed because of it, and as the science has shown this can have profound neurological effects making the pain worse. People with chronic pain who learn to manage stress often find that their discomfort levels naturally begin to decrease. Then specific interventions can be more effectively used to provide more relief that are suited for the individual.

Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in tackling the following conditions:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Exam and academic performance
  • Weight loss and maintaining weight loss
  • Addiction issues
  • Effects of trauma and PTSD
  • Health complaints with no biological cause
  • and many more

If you would like to know if hypnosis can help you and your condition isn’t listed here contact me for a personalized, confidential and in-depth chat as to whether it can help you. You have nothing to lose by just picking up the phone or sending an email.