About me, Matthew Povey:

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor in the Albury Wodonga Region with expertise in treating chronic pain, depression and stress and anxiety as well as numerous other health conditions (such as addiction) autoimmune issues such as IBS. I moved from Sydney over a year ago where I was on staff in 3 medical centers, and also working as a trauma counselor assisting various client’s with complex conditions who were at risk of homelessness, suicide and unable to afford mainstream services in the community. Having relocated to the Albury Wodonga region I am providing hypnosis and counselling services to local clients with many different issues. I also have a passion to assist those at risk, unable to afford or in dire need of treatment. I also service outreach areas of the Riverina and Corowa.

Why choose me for hypnotherapy in Albury/Wodonga?

¬†As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have qualifications both at a Diploma and Advanced Diploma level, as well as having been trained and mentored by leaders in the field in Australia and from overseas in the medical applications of hypnosis. I also hold a Master’s Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy which assists me to help you further having extra specialized training. Having these additional qualifications, training and experience in working with drug and alcohol addiction, trauma and grief and responding to crisis situations when working with complex presentations. This gives you the confidence and peace of mind you are getting the best professional help available and peace of mind.

All techniques used are based on the latest research in neuroscience and neuroplacisity. This creates lasting change as it used strategies to forming new pathways in the brain and body. I also integrate other modalities from other areas as needed such as mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy and more. Due to limited resources that can be present in Albury Wodonga I aim to work as a part of your medical team to achieve the results you wish to gain as soon as possible

Most people start notice results very quickly, which makes hypnosis affordable as well as being an evidence based tool for the many issues it can address. However some more complex conditions may take slightly longer work and this will be discussed with you in session to find a fit for you.

I meet you where you are at in your life, providing a non-judgmental approach no matter where you are at in life. All sessions are tailored to meet your needs as an individual.